“My bum hurts”

But it needn't. Specialized's latest Body Geometry saddles are available in three sizes, with bike shops measuring posteriors with the aid of a gel bum-pad. There are many other ways of ensuring cycling is not a pain in the butt. Here's a selection of existing 'comfort' saddles and a potted history of cycling's love-hate relationship with the bicycle/bottom interface...

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Kryptonite’s postal exchange programme extends to co-branded locks

Kryptonite lock owners worried about the Bic opening method can post their tubular cylinder locks to the US and get new ones in exchange. This is likely to blunt the numerous class actions launched against the Ingersoll Rand-owned company by North American tort lawyers. The exchange programme now includes locks made by Kryptonite but branded by others. No lock maker other than Kryptonite is running a recall offensive. PLUS: an index of the Bic flick stories to date.

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