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NEW PRODUCTS: Lapierre’s 2014 MTBs and Garmin Vector

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You may have read, or may even be of the opinion, that there’s ‘too many cogs’ up front and it’s something that the manufacturer’s seem to be keen to develop as a concept, much thanks to the restrictions on frame design that having to house a front derailleur can add.

In comes SRAM with the X01. The difference that catches the eye? Price. As the second tier 11-speed groupset, X01 is a cheaper alternative to the XX1 crankset. Like its predecessor, the X01 retains the carbon fibre crank arms, attached to a forged aluminium spider. The chain ring’s tooth profiles use a patented X-Sync tooth profile that is said to keep the chain in check no matter the terrain. Sizes will be 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38. 

SRAM will sell X01 level chainrings in a 104mm bolt circle diameter pattern, allowing riders to build on an 1x compatible cranks they already own.

Another notable improvement is a coating on the cassette that is believed to be less costly than the XX1’s, but will extend the life of the teeth.

The chainrings of XX1 and X01 groupsets are not cross compatible.

 Lapierre 2014 MTBs
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The big news from Lapierre’s off-road catalogue centres on the popular Zesty and Spicy models with a complete redesign of both geometry and wheel size for both, as well as engineering and design refinements.
For the first time ever the Zesty has been split in to two distinct models. The 120mm travel Zesty Trail with 29-inch wheels and the 150mm travel Zesty AM with 650B wheels. A full range of Zesty AM bikes from the entry supreme 6 Alloy 327 to the carbon 929 will be available from September.

For 2014 Ei shock features on all top end Zesty and Spicy bikes and is available as an upgrade on select models in the range.

As you may have read here on, hotlines is interested in filling a few of its territory gaps for the Lapierre label, so if you’ve no competitors locally selling the label, give the Scottish distributor a call.

Lapierre has also recently added an online ‘a la carte’ bike builder, allowing customers to build a bike from the ground up and order it to their local dealer’s doorstep.

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