The brand speaks out on how working in the motorcycle market has helped development of cycle product

PROFILE: Gigapower UK

Tell us a bit about GigaPower – the firm’s been around for longer than many may realise?
Yes, Gigapower has been around for over 40 years originally working with major Japanese motorcycle brands and worked with Ferodo in the UK in the 1980s.

How has experience in the motorcycle market helped in development of cycling products?
It’s helped immensely. Originally Gigapower started making engine gaskets with the motorcycle trade and during this time were asked by these manufacturers to develop OEM brake shoes to enable safe stopping of what were high power motorcycles with drum brakes, so the riders needed a safe and reliable brake shoe.

You supply a bit of everything, from carbon specific to Cyclocross pads – what kind of R&D work goes into each pad’s development?
All new wheel types that come to the market are taken into the R&D department and the technicians work with our special ingredients to make the best possible brake pad for each rim material. In 2011 we started to offer a special pad for stainless steel rims.

How do you test your goods?
We test our products to DIN EN 14766 standards in the cycle testing facility in Aachen, Germany, as well as in Jiangsu.

All of our pads are tested in both wet and dry conditions. Copies of the tests are available and were made against some very well known brands and it was proven that Gigapower has a great safety and performance record against market leaders.

Any unique technologies/compounds go into the manufacture of your pads?
Yes, there are over 40 different ingredients that make up the unique semi-flexible ceramic fibre compound. Gigapower’s compounds have no metal content at all as this is what causes damage to wheel rims and brake discs. These compounds are what makes it possible to fit our pads without the need for toe in adjustment and this also enables us to be able to offer a ‘Squeal Free Guarantee’ for the life of the product, something which no other brand does.

Do Gigapower make for anyone else?
Gigapower do make OEM products for other people, including one of the large Taiwanese cycle brands.

For the bike dealer, do you offer workshop packs?
Our workshop packs are proving very popular with the cycle dealers we currently supply.

What packages are available to bike dealers who may be considering stocking the product?
Introductory offers are available and these are in the process of being mailed to dealers throughout the UK. Shops may contact us directly on 01295 710518, or by email All Gigapower pads are display packed for easy merchandising.

Any point of sale material or consumer marketing to back the product’s sale?
We will be offering a display of assorted pads that dealers can self hang, or fix to current display areas, we also have window stickers to advertise the advantage of our pads.

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