There are no firm plans to feature cycling, but CBM Media is "open to ideas." Freeview is the UK set-top box digital TV service being promoted like crazy by the face-mask 'adverts' on BBC TV.

New ‘minority sports’ channel to launch on Freeview

CBM Media is to launch a new television channel later this summer, having been granted the last remaining channel on Freeview.

The main focus of the station is British sport, especially "those secondary sports that at present have great difficulty securing television exposure," said Martin Henlan, CBM’s press officer.

"There are many sports in which Britain lead the world but whose competitors remain anonymous to the public that they represent. The station will provide an unrivalled opportunity for such sports to get the quality and quantity of airtime they require."

Henlan told that CBM does not have any existing plans for cycle sport coverage but "this is one sporting area that we are certainly interested in investigating further.

"After the tremendous British success in the Sydney Olympics and the growing popularity of cycle-based events I’m sure there is an audience that would watch if it can get to air.

"We are certainly open to any ideas that can help our new channel to champion top British sport."

CBM will broadcast 24/7 on channel 22.

Freeview offers 30+ channels of digital television, interactivity and text, as well as 19 digital radio services, delivered to digital TVs and £99 set-top boxes through existing rooftop aerials.

1.6 million households already have Freeview, which launched last year and was the successor to the failed ITV Digital service.

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