New GT Force 29 bike launched today

The new GT Force 29 bike has been launched today.

“The Force 29 is for riders who prefer descending and like to go fast,” said a statement. “It hits that sweet spot right in between all-MTN and DH, it’s low fuss and provides more versatility than a dual crown bike. This is a stable climber and an incredibly fast, and smooth descender.

“The Force 29 is an aggressive riding, easy to own bike that allows riders to engage full-send mode anywhere and everywhere that shred happens.”

When developing the Force 29, the brand took the podium proven LTS recipe and evolved and optimised the kinematics around 29in wheels. It has also pushed the geometry to be longer and slacker.

Building the Force 29 around an alloy chassis allowed it to provide a performance-driven spec that gives riders the “best possible ride at competitive price points”. LTS (Linkage Tuned Suspension) is podium proven and provides a ride that is both ‘smooth and predictable’. LTS’ key benefit is increased traction delivering ultimate control.

The Force 29 comes with 150mm rear wheel travel and a 170mm fork. The flip-chip on the shock adjusts BB height, plus/minus six millimetres, shifting the head tube and seat tube angles by half a degree.

GT designed the Force 29 to be air and coil shock compatible, allowing riders to run any suspension system they like. There are no proprietary components on this bike, and it also fits a water bottle friendly.

Force 29 PRO £3,699
Force 29 EXPERT £2,799
Force 29 ELITE £2,499

For NA:
Pro: $4,700 USD
Expert: $3,700 USD
Elite: $2,750 USD

For Europe:
Pro: e4,999 Euros
Expert: e3,299 Euros
Elite: e2,899 Euros

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