The Giant-sponsored DH world champion in 2000 was arrested Tuesday after police seized 52 'high quality' sinsemilla marijuana plants from his Durango home.

Myles Rockwell busted for growing pot

Rockwell, 31, was arrested on suspicion of maintaining a "very sophisticated" marijuana-growing operation, said The Durango Herald.

Rockwell was released on $10 000 bail.

"I grew up in San Francisco. The hippies were frolicking all around town with peace love and dope," says Myles Rockwell on his website.

"This little hippie kid named Myles wore tie-died undies and went to a fun little hippie school called Synergy. We learned about real things and practiced free speech at city hall chanting and calling for peace."

A news release from the Durango Sheriff’s Office, Ignacio Police Department and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations said:

"The seized marijuana was determined to be of extremely high quality."

The street value of the haul has been estimated at $200 000.

"Hopefully things turn out OK," Rockwell told The Durango Herald.

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