The BikeBizBible is running months behind schedule. The upside? When it does finally appear it's going to more up to date than it would have been had it been published at the start of the year...

B3: an apology

As a one-man-and-his-dad business it’s tough to fit everything into a demanding daily schedule, reports BikeBiz editor/publisher Carlton Reid.

"I should have produced the print version of the BikeBizBible months ago. I apologise profusely for the delay. Basically, I need more hours in the day.

"I was planning to stop everything and knuckle down to design B3 when I was diverted by Eric Martlew’s helmet compulsion bill."

However, there are now no projects more pressing than the production of the ‘Bible’, promised Reid.

"I’m getting regular calls from IBDs worried they have been missed from the mailing list. I’m also getting emails and faxes from folks who have paid for the directory in advance. Cheques have yet to be cashed and I could bank loads of money from sales and from advertising if only I produced the book.

"I’ve allowed other projects to take precedence, including the monthly mag. That has got to stop. With a fair wind, I expect to be able to wrap up the design within 7-10 days."

Printing and binding would take a further 7-10 days so B3’s current ETA is the first week of June.

The BikeBizBible directory will be shipped free-of-charge to British IBDs and directory advertisers. Suppliers seeking display advertising in those parts of the book not yet designed should contact

If any existing advertisers wish to update their display adverts with fresher artwork they should contact

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