Muc-Off released the Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder in May, 2022.

Muc-Off helps recover employee’s stolen £7,000 e-bike thanks to its own invention

Muc-Off, the bicycle and motorcycle care and performance brand, has announced a recent success story thanks to its Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder.

One of Muc-Off’s product developers, who wishes to remain anonymous, had their £7,000 Cannondale Moterra Neo e-bike stolen from their home earlier this month. 

Fortunately for them, it had been fitted with a Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder, which houses an Apple AirTag mounted inside the tubeless tyre, meaning the bike thieves were swiftly tracked down and able to be brought to justice. A victory made sweeter by the fact that the holder was developed by the victim themselves.

The Apple AirTag itself works by allowing users to track any item from their iPhone, using the ‘Find My’ app.

Once activated, the item to which the tag is connected appears on the radar within the app, so tracking the bike down was as simple as looking on the map.

Upon realising their new e-bike was missing, the target immediately contacted Dorset Police.

Within the space of a few hours, the AirTag® showed the Cannondale had already been transported more than 250 miles north, from Dorset to Cheshire.

Police in Widnes were contacted and claimed the location to be an address they were familiar with, so they mobilised, arresting the thieves responsible and recovering the e-bike which was in their possession at the time of the raid.

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The product developer at Muc-Off said: “I’m obviously hugely relieved to get my bike back, but the icing on the cake is that our creation played such a pivotal role in recovering it.

“It’s testament to the effectiveness of the product and highlights the importance  of investing in security measures to protect high-value assets like e-bikes.

“My hope is that this story deters  bike thieves and sends them a message that we are fighting back with innovative solutions, and we’re just getting started.”

Muc-Off released the Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder in May last year.

The product retails via Muc-Off distribution network and at for £15.

Apple AirTags retail for £29.

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