Customers can choose either a personal or Cycle to Work lease plan

E-bike brand Peddle partners with BikeFlex to offer leasing options

E-bike brand Peddle has announced a partnership with BikeFlex, the bike leasing company.

The partnership means Peddle customers have the option of leasing their electric bike, with terms starting from 12 months and including insurance and servicing.

Peddle e-bikes have a current retail price between £1,599.99, for the Peddle Go, and £2,599.99, for the Peddle Pro.

By leasing their Peddle electric bike through BikeFlex, customers can now split this price into smaller, manageable monthly payments of between £77, for the Peddle Go, and £105, for the Peddle Pro.

BikeFlex makes the leasing process as simple as possible, all customers need to do is select the Peddle electric bike they want, then choose between either a personal or Cycle to Work lease plan. 

At the end of the payment term, customers have the option of switching their plan to a new e-bike, returning their current bike, or keeping it as their own. 

Peddle is a brand subsidiary of Exertis, a technology distributor of consumer, business, and enterprise products.

The brand’s mission is to provide its audience with easy to use, accessible electric bikes that come with up to £650 of features and accessories out of the box. 

Peddle aims to provide an alternative to commuting, exploring, and exercise that is “simple, good for the planet, and boosts users’ fitness”. 

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Peddle joins brands such as Reilly, Orro, Basso, BH, KTM and Cooper e-bikes in signing up with BikeFlex.

Founded by former professional rider Russ Downing, entrepreneur Tim Hammond, and Olympic medal-winning track rider Ryan Owens, BikeFlex also partners with retailers across the country that also form part of the Cycle Espresso coffee network, also run by Downing and Hammond.

Last month, the founders of BikeFlex sat down with BikeBiz to explain the history of the scheme and how it works.

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