Muc-Off championing female cyclists with #MoveOver campaign

Muc-Off has announced the launch of its #MoveOver campaign, targeted at championing female cyclists across the globe.

#MoveOver is a celebration of the revolution in women’s road racing and coincides with the return of Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, taking place from 24th-31st July. 

The bike care brand is also partnering with seven non-profits that help break down barriers between women and bikes, including Cycle Sisters, Black Girls Do Bike, Homestretch Foundation, Women’s All Ride Collective and more, which between them provide support to women at every level.

Kathryn Bertine, CEO and founder of Homestretch Foundation, said: “Muc-Off has provided Homestretch Foundation with incredible products for the past two years, enabling our female pro cyclists like Siobhan Kelly (CAN) to keep their equipment running at the highest level -but this generosity goes much further than clean bikes.

“Muc-Off recognises that women and men are not treated equally in pro-cycling, and they’re doing something about it by supporting women and making change happen. I am so proud to be part of Muc-Off’s #MoveOver initiative to make cycling a better place for women. Thank you, Muc-Off! As we say at Homestretch Foundation – together we all move forward. Thank you for embodying this mission.”

In addition to the campaign spotlighting and celebrating the work of these charities and organisations, Muc-Off will be donating 10% of all profits generated from sales – direct and through distribution and retail – of its Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, refill ranges and Waterless Wash, between 1st-31st July.

The British bike care and maintenance business has marked this moment further by releasing a limited run of a ‘Move Over’ special edition takeover of its OG bike cleaner, which features graffiti-style female-empowerment-themed quotes and illustrations. The bottle is available direct from only.

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Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off, said: “As riders ourselves, we know the power of the bicycle as a vehicle for change. Inclusivity has always been central to the Muc-Off DNA, and we encourage people of all backgrounds to experience the life-changing benefits riding bikes can bring.

“#MoveOver is about helping to break down the barriers faced by women in cycling, by inspiring and supporting equal opportunities for female riders across the globe! I’m super excited to see the impact of #MoveOver on female participation in cycling, and the wider cycling community.”

To learn more about the #MoveOver campaign, see a full list of charities and organisations being supported, and to see how you can get involved, head to

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