Easton is using carbon nanotubes - think hi-tech tough - in its 2005 line-up of composite bike parts and many other manufacturers of lightweight, high-value commodities are doing likewise. Now the US investment guru firm is saying Carbon Nanotube Technology could become bigger than a big-thing.

Motley Fool picks nanotubes as “next big thing”

"Just recently, I had the pleasure of serving as keynote speaker at a conference in San Diego," writes David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool.

"To get the ball rolling, I led with a loaded question: "How many of you," I asked a few hundred business professionals, "have ever heard of nanotubes?" Precisely one hand went up…Those well-dressed professionals in the audience were mutual fund managers. The very men and women entrusted with your retirement savings."

See the link below for the September story on BikeBiz.com about Easton’s use of nanotube tech.

In an email to would-be investors, Gardner spells out why nanotubes could be big:

"Nanotubes are 100 times stronger than steel, as flexible as plastic, and look to be one of the greatest conductors the world has ever known. "In another 10 to 15 years," writes one analyst, "carbon nanotubes will probably be incorporated into microprocessors, gradually replacing copper wires. Not only would this make computer chips faster and more energy-efficient, they would likely be cheaper to produce."

And, what Gardner doesn’t mention, bikes will be stronger and lighter.


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