He's not that dominant an athlete, see. Lance. Good but not world class in an all-round way. A Japanese baseball player is better. "The athletic ability required to rule cycling is specific and limited," writes Skip Bayless in a ploy to get Lance fans to write in and complain. The last time Bayliss goaded Mr Armstrong, he received a torrent of email: "Hell hath no fury like a cycling enthusiast and/or a Lance worshiper scorned."

ESPN columnist taunts Lance fans again (and says we wear ‘Euro riding costumes’)

The ESPN comment piece is here: http://sports.espn.go.com/…/041230

Don’t click the back button when you get there, the column is called Page 2, you haven’t missed the first bit.

He may win award after award – including, the latest, the AP Male Athlete of the Year third time in a row – but Bayless reckons Lance Armstrong is not enough of an all-rounder to warrant the ‘best in the world’ tag.

Disagree with Bayless and you’re a ‘nut’.

Baseball’s Ichiro – he plays for the Seattle Mariners – is a better global athlete than Lance Armstrong, according to Bayless, because he has better "throwing ability than Armstrong."

Bayless is at pains to point out he believes Armstrong is the"world’s greatest endurance athlete" but because he can’t throw a ball he shouldn’t be voted best athlete in journo polls. Go figure.

But here’s where the marathon-running, ‘e-rant’-hating agent provocateur starts to get low and dirty: he lambasts our totally healthy fetish for wearing skin-tight Lycra:

"Cyclists are the world’s most zealous sports cult. Unlike marathoners, cyclists battle an inferiority complex. They cannot stand anyone suggesting they’re not superior athletes. It’s as if their manhood has been questioned. Maybe they’re just self-conscious about those Euro riding costumes."

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