Mobility comparison site Karfu set to launch this year is set to launch later this year, as an impartial consumer comparison website for a variety of different vehicle types including bikes and scooters, as well as cars, vans, pick-ups, motorcycles, and mopeds.

The site plans to support a range of access options available for these vehicles, including buying (including finance), leasing, subscription, sharing, rental, ride-hailing, ride-sharing, and mobility-as-a-service.

Karfu said it is looking for vehicle OEMs, dealers, retailers, leasing, subscription, sharing, and rental providers to be the first to join the platform and gain a competitive edge.

Sam Ellis, Karfu’s co-founder and CEO, said: “Karfu is free to join for innovative vehicle providers who want to sell to a completely new type of consumer and learn more about the world of mobility.

“We are committed to creating a fair competitive environment for all types of providers regardless of size or scale, with no paid advertising, sponsorship or promotion allowed.”

The site compares the breadth of the mobility options through its quick and easy interactive tool, which asks consumers questions about their usage patterns, budget, and preferred vehicle types.

Karfu then uses its extensive vehicle database to present personalised results based on their individual circumstances and needs from the most relevant mobility providers.

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Karfu can put a provider’s products and services in front of a new type of consumer, increasing market visibility. With each search result, Karfu presents its ‘Total Cost of Use’ calculation, which also gives providers an opportunity to upsell additional linked products and services earlier in the purchase journey.

Karfu’s providers will also get exclusive access to mobility and consumer behaviour insights, created from data generated by consumers’ use of their search tools, to help them understand the changing landscape and plan for future mobility opportunities.

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