Miss Grape launches Ilcoso handlebar support

Miss Grape, the Italian manufacturer of bikepacking bags, has launched the Ilcoso, a new handlebar support for drop and flat bars.

The development of Ilcoso took more than four years of design and testing and stemmed from the idea of offering a solution-based product.

Ilcoso’s structure is the result of an effort to simplify and the outcome is a straightforward support system composed of a few elements, making it easy to assemble and use.

The concept for Ilcoso originated from a practical analysis of the challenges faced when using handlebar bags.

Michele Nure Boschetti, CEO of Miss Grape, said: “When I started contemplating a handlebar support, my initial question was how to attach a bag while offering a practical and minimalist solution.

“I was making progress, but it wasn’t the solution I had envisioned. Then I realised I had been asking the wrong question. Instead of focusing on ‘how,’ I needed to consider ‘where’ to place the bag on the handlebar. It was at that moment Ilcoso was born.”

The modularity of Ilcoso allows it to be installed on both drop bar and flat bar handlebars, positioning the bag closer to the headset.

This adjustment is designed to enhance riding safety as weight distribution is closer to the headset and set back to create better balance and manoeuvrability. It also has three position slots to mount accessories such as a headlight, GPS, or phone holder.

Ilcoso is crafted from resilient PA6 polyamide and the accessories holder tube is made of anodized aluminium, allowing for installation on carbon and aluminium handlebars.

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The support weighs a reported 320g, including long clamps, the tube, and bag holder straps.

It accommodates bags with a maximum recommended diameter of 19cm and can be used with Miss Grape bags or other brands. The maximum load capacity is 3kg and it fits handlebars with a diameter of 31.8mm and a minimum wheelbase of 83mm.

Ilcoso is available at an RRP of €128.00.

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