Mio introduces Cyclo 210

Mio has released its latest bicycle navigation device – the Cyclo 210.

Cycle paths and full European road maps are pre-installed and is ready to go “within minutes” unpacking.

Cyclo 210 offers a Surprise Me feature, which calculates three different bicycle routes based upon your entered time or distance. This is designed for anyone who has already ridden all the local routes and is keen to explore options and add an element of adventure. The feature continues to offer new routes, regardless of how many times the user starts from the same location.

The device delivers a clear sound alert at every instruction, and its large 3.5″ touchscreen and simple menu structure, delivering “true ease of use”, according to the company.

Other key features include waterproof casing (IPX5), ten-hour, rechargeable battery life, and pre-installed points of interest such as bicycle shops, restaurants and emergency locations.

“The Mio Cyclo 210 measures time, speed, distance, height, calorie consumption and more,” said a company statement. “With the desktop application, you are able to store your data, manage your route history and share your experiences with your friends. The easy-to-use tool allows you to download routes and enjoy new roads and areas others find interesting.

“It is the ideal solution for anyone who enjoys cycling, wants true ease of use and is looking for great value for money.”

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