Miche’s IBD Wheel Test Programme heads to Venice

Miche’s IBD exclusive Wheel Test Programme continues in 2019 and has been refreshed into a more accessible package for its customers.

Dealers buy into a range of wheels covering major price points, with demo sets included at a drastically reduced price to encourage your customers to try before they buy. All wheelsets are made in Italy and benefit from a crash replacement scheme and IBD exclusive pricing.

Also included in the package is a free of charge wheel display stand made by workshop specialists, BiciSupport.

Any dealers joining the test wheel programme will also receive a complimentary trip to Venice for a day’s sightseeing, and a day at the interesting Miche factory.

The most recent dealer visits were a huge success, with many dealers choosing to stock Miche as their wheel brand of choice, for a true ‘made in Italy’ brand.

Richard Paige of The Green Jersey, Clitheroe said: “Miche was a new brand for us when we visited the factory. I was amazed to see just how much of the production was carried out in-house, lots of robots, CNC machines and wheel building machines. The amount of work that went into even the lowest priced items was quite staggering. It’s easy to sell a product to your customers that you are passionate about and have confidence in – that’s what the Miche factory tour gives us. Since the factory tour, we have become ardent Miche fans, Miche is now our best-selling wheelsets.”

“We would love you to join the Miche family of stockists; we know it will benefit your business,” said a Miche statement.

If you are interested in joining Miche and Chicken Cyclekit in Venice and would like to talk to someone about the Wheel Test Programme, contact Jason Smith on 01525 381347.

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