Master Lock unveils no-key-turn PushKey Padlock

American brand Master Lock has unveiled a consumer focused portable lock that requires no key-turn to unlock.

Backed by up-to-date technology and designed with Master Lock’s 90 plus years of security expertise, the simple-to-use PushKey Padlock requires less than 2.5kg of pull down force to open.

The brand claims that the device is ideal for people with strength issues such as elderly people or those suffering with arthritis. It says that a simple daily activity such as unlocking a padlock may seem straightforward to most but for those with sore and weak bones it can be a seriously strenuous ordeal.

The operation of the lock can be achieved by a simple bumping action to the key head that both opens and closes the lock without the need for tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist.

The large flat key head makes
It easy to grip, a feature that is particularly beneficial for the disabled and elderly with joint pain or limited finger dexterity. Master Lock has also devised a groove system on the bottom of the padlock that acts as a key guide, aiding users with sight challenges to easily insert the key.

Master Lock’s innovative portable lock has been designed to snugly fit most school and hospital lockers, making it ideal for disabled students or hospital patients. Each lock includes four keys and two oversized, interchangeable key head covers.

The padlock has been constructed from zinc, ensuring Master Lock’s optimum strength and reliability. The hardened steel shackle provides resistance to cutting and sawing.

The Master Lock 2650EURD PushKey Padlock is priced at £20.90 in the UK. The security solution is available now from the Master Lock website. 

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