To save Londoner’s lives we need promotion not persecution for pedicabs, says Donnachadh McCarthy of the Stop Killing Cyclists pressure group.

Make space for pedicab stands in London, urges campaigner

Donnachadh McCarthy of the Stop Killing Cyclists pressure group is calling on the Mayor of London and all the Mayoral candidates to create a central London network of zero-emission pedicab stands.

In response to recently announced proposals from the Mayor of London, supported by the London Taxi Drivers Association, to crack down on London’s small pedicab services, Stop Killing Cyclists wants the Mayor to "stop this unjustified persecution of London’s pedicabs and to instead promote these zero-emission cabs.

McCarthy said:

“With 9,500 Londoners killed last year by fossil-fuel transport pollution and with up to 2,000 of these deaths caused by diesel-powered cabs, the Mayor should be supporting pedicabs whose zero emissions are saving Londoners lives in central London."

The co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists added: “Unlike those driving buses, HGVs and cabs, there has not been a single fatality caused by a pedicab driver in London over the last fifteen years.”

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