Magura has released its latest wireless dropper post

Magura releases latest evolution of wireless dropper seatpost 

Bike component brand Magura has announced the newest evolution of its wireless dropper seatpost technology, the Vyron MDS-V3. 

The newest development in wireless droppers, first pioneered by Magura six years ago, has been redesigned from the ground up, with a new ergonomic remote, tougher build, and more reactive response times from the hydraulic system. 

The new Vyron is available in a range of sizes

Magura’s new dropper will be available for a range of disciplines, from cross country to enduro, available in 100, 125, 150, and 175mm travel, in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, suitable for all frame sizes. 

Product manager for the Vyron range, Fabian Wurster, said: “ MDS stands for Magura Dropper Seatpost, and V3 for the third version. When it was released in 2016, it was the first remote-controlled electronic Vario seat post on the market, and it has since received several awards 

“This new Vyron was developed from scratch. It offers redesigned inner workings, new electronics and a newly developed, ergonomic remote control. Most notably, we switched from ANT+ remote technology to high-speed Bluetooth, making its operation much more intuitive. The duration of the thumb pressure determines how long the seat post will be adjusted, so the rider no longer has to depend on a fixed time interval of the actuator. And that with a travel of up to 175 mm.

“Water and dirt are the enemies of all electronics. To effectively protect the head of the new Vyron from dirt and water, we dispensed with a charging socket. We now use a replaceable CR2 lithium battery instead and a sealed, screwed battery cover. It’s also IP67-certified, so it survives brief immersions in water.”

A new ergonomic remote is part of the redesign

The RRP of the MAGURA VYRON MDS-V3 is £492.92. It can be ordered from specialist bike shops from November 21st and is expected to be delivered from December. Start of sale exclusively in Europe.

From the sales launch until 28 February 2023, the first 1000 customers can register their VYRON at for one regular service free of charge – worth €139! The customer can choose the service date – however, we recommend that the service is carried out after about one season of use.

Technical details:

  • MATERIAL: aluminium 
  • LENGTH: 396 / 421 / 446 mm / 471 mm (depending on the travel variant) 
  • ADJUSTMENT RANGE: 100 mm / 125 mm / 150 mm / 175 mm 
  • TRAVEL OPTION: from 175 to 150 mm / from 125 to 100 mm
  • SADDLE POSITION: 0 mm setback 
  • BATTERY: replaceable | CR2 in seat post, CR2032 in remote 
  • BATTERY LIFE: roughly one year of use 
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Wireless remote control 
  • MOUNTING: Compatible with single clamp, MAGURA Shiftmix & SRAM Matchmaker 
  • DUST AND WATER SEALING: IP67 rating (protected against dust and brief immersion in water) 
  • Weight: 700 g (seatpost) / 40 g (remote) ; +/- 5%; w/o batteries 
  • RRP: €579.90 (incl. 19% german VAT) / £492.92 

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