It's being called a 'price repositioning' and is good news for IBDs, says Madison sales and marketing director Bill Baxter.

Madison cuts Rock Shox prices

Recent discussions on the bulletin board of haved focussed on the inability of IBDs in the UK to make money from RockShox thanks to so-called "price shagging" by mail-order specialists and internet dealers.

These businesses don’t always get their forks from the official channel: they are often sourced from OEMs with excess stock or grey imported with all the non-warranty baggage that comes with such methods of supply. Madison is seeking to partially redress the balance by slashing RRPs.

Psylos and Dukes are now £50 cheaper. The Boxxer World Cup drops down to £899 to from a quid short of a grand. The SID World Cup downshifts from £650 to £450.

Bill Baxter said:

"The reductions are a result of Madison’s increased commitment to deliver the best and most competitively priced suspension fork package on the market. In an increasingly competitive suspension market Madison wanted to realign the prices to make sure RockShox remains the consumers’ favourite.

"We are in no doubt that the real aftermarket segment of the suspension fork market is focused at the high end, so by reducing the prices and making the products more attainable, overall sales will definitely increase for


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