The war of words between the World Anti-Doping Agency and the UCI is getting nastier. WADA president Dick Pound has used his 'cycle sport will not be at the Olympics if the UCI doesn't play ball' trump card. UCI president Hein Verbruggen is calling his bluff...

WADA threatens to exclude cycling from Athens Olympics

WADA and UCI recently came to blows when a French-language report by WADA observers at the Tour de France was leaked to sports newspaper L’Equipe. See the link below.

The spat is continuing, reports

At the World Championships in Hamilton, Canada, WADA president Dick Pound threatened to exclude cycling from next year’s Athens Olympics if it doesn’t adopt the new WADA anti-doping code . A new rule in the Olympic Manifesto makes it obligatory for sports to sign up to the code.

The UCI believes cycling is unfairly targetted by WADA.

Verbruggen will discuss the UCI’s concerns over the new anti-doping code with Dick Pound this Friday, said, but the UCI president has said that cycling will eventually comply with the code.

"There is a WADA code that has been accepted and obviously we will comply with that code," Verbruggen told Reuters.

"But that is a lot of work because over the last 20 years the UCI has developed a very detailed rule book for anti-doping control. No the lawyers have to go into the WADA code and fit it into our existing laws and that is the work that is currently being carried out. There is no doubt we will comply, we will get there certainly before Athens."

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