The new Litelok X1

Litelok launches new lightweight D-lock resistant to angle grinders 

British bike security brand Litelok has unveiled its latest innovation – a lightweight D-lock that should hold off angle-grinders long enough to deter thieves.

The Litelok X range utilises a new composite material, called Barronium after the company CEO Professor Neil Barron, which Litelok claims is up to 15 times stronger than the best-performing locks currently on the market. 

Litelok X1, which retails for £149.99 is available now from, and should be available to retailers by early 2023.

The Litelok X3, an even stronger model, retails for £279.99 and will be available in November.

Litelok is distributed in the UK by Velobrands.

CEO Professor Barron said: “I’m incredibly excited to have reimagined the popular D-lock format with innovative design features and our own technology Barronium, which provides the ultimate in anti-angle grinder resistance. The range was put through extensive tests, breaking discs and grinders in the process. It’s light, secure and incredibly strong. I believe it’s a gamechanger and unlike anything else on the market.” 

Over the last five years, Barron has been supported by Innovate UK and some of the world’s leading material scientists to develop Barronium: a new composite armour that is fused to a hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core and covered with a soft plant-based eco-rubber outer layer to provide three layers of protection.  

Litelok launched the X at an industry event in Mud Dock Cycleworks in Bristol, which was attended by media, security, and policing professionals, as well as BikeBiz. 

To demonstrate the strength of the lock, Litelok let the attendees try to cut through their new model with an angle grinder, and compare with other brand name locks. No one was able to cut through the X during the demonstration. 

Professor Barron added: “As the popularity of motorcycles, bikes and e-bikes grows exponentially, so does the number of valuable bikes vulnerable to theft. These latest crime figures are truly shocking with only of 1.4% of bicycle thieves being identified and charged in the last three years.

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“The market-leading D-locks rattle, are heavy to carry and can all be cut with an angle-grinder in under 40 seconds. We set out to define the Armoured D-lock category to address these issues and ensure Litelok X is the next generation of bike security.”

Other key features include reflective strips, a rattle-free design, easy carrying with the Twist + Go mounting system, and an Abloy Sentry lock cylinder – the most pick-proof locking mechanism available.

The X has also passed Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond, Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond and ART4 insurance-rated standards. It also meets the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ of Secured by Design (SBD) 


Litelok X1 

Price: £149.99

Security: 5X more secure than the current best-selling, best performing D-locks

Weight: 1.7kg / 3.7lb

Internal dimensions: 101 x 196mm

Lock: ART4 accredited cylinder

Mount: Twist + Go mount included & Restrap lock holster available


  Litelok X3

Price: £279.99

Security: 15X more secure than the current best-selling, best performing D-locks

Weight: 1.9kg / 4.0lb

Internal dimensions: 99 x 194mm

Lock: ABLOY® SENTRY (most pick-proof cylinder available)

Mount: Twist + Go mount included & Restrap lock holster available



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