Post London 2012 Olympics, Sustrans calls on authorities to inspire the next generation of sporting cyclists

‘It’s time for an Olympic investment to encourage cycling to school’

As the dust settles on the London 2012 Olympics and its extraordinarily successful cyclists – and the country prepares for the Paralympics – Sustrans has made the call for an ‘Olympic’ investment in cycling to school.

£313million was invested in Team GB’s elite athletes for the games, but a quarter of that could see every school in the UK working with a cycling specialist to give kids the skills and facilities they need to cycle to school safely, said Sustrans.

Schools working with the charity see five times the number of students cycling to school than the national average, which sits at a mere two per cent compared to 50 per cent in Denmark.

“Sustrans congratulates everyone in Team GB for their incredible success and for inspiring our nation to get active," enthused
Sustrans’ chief executive Malcolm Shepherd.

“Investment in the Olympic Games has paid off – more funding for kids cycling could deliver an equally astonishing result.

“Competitive sport is great, but it’s not for everyone. With concern growing over childhood obesity, we need it to be safer and easier for kids to lead active lifestyles.”

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