12 and 16-inch wheels available, offering three assistance settings for young riders.

Gyrobike comes to market, removes the need for stabilisers

Gyrobike Europe has launched its gyroscopic bicycle wheel in the UK, a substitute for stabilisers and able to be fitted to bikes hosting a 12 or 16-inch wheel.

Created by Robert Bodill, a businessman who previously created and ran a retail security firm called vitag, the Gyrowheel offers three settings of assistance to keep kids upright while they hone their cycling skills. Finally, the assitance can be switched off once the child has become confident enough to propel themselves.

Bodill said: "I’m thrilled to bring the 3-in-1 Gyrobike to the UK and European markets. Learning to ride a bike is a fantastic milestone that should be filled with memories of accomplishment, not frustration. This product makes the learning process fun for kids and parents alike. The big appeal to parents who buy the complete bike is that there’s no need to buy a new bike every few years."

When charged for two hours, the Gyrowheel will offer two hours assistance (12 inch) and one hour for the 16-inch. No special assembly is required and a one-year warranty is offered.



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