It's intern time! We've had in another student placement request, the third in a week. Engineering student Jody Muelaner wants to design town bikes.

It never rains, but it pours

Muelaner is 25 and is an engineering student at the University of Exeter. He’s in the second year of BEng mechanical course and is seeking a placement with a British or US cycle parts manufacturer, although his dream placement would be with Giant, where he would like to do the roving design job that used to belong to Mike Burrows.

Muelaner is an inveterate inventor, having taken out his first patent in 1993, shortly after leaving school.

Naturally, he’s a keen cyclist and was formerly a time trialler and MTB racer but now uses his bike for transport only.

And it’s townie bikes he’d like to get his teeth stuck into:

"I believe that it is in this area that cycling has the most to offer humankind in the future. I would very much like to help make bikes a more attractive transport option for a wider range of people.

"I have a number of bike designs in the pipeline but I’m not ready to go public with these yet."

Muelaner is looking for a summer placement and will be available between 17th June and 20th September 2002.


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