The UK poll was conducted by Hot Wheels who wanted to see if they should spread their advertising budget across a number of titles, or just pick one...

IBDs vote for their fave trade mag

The trade mag poll was part of a wider survey included in the recent Hot Wheels dealer newsletter.

The results were this afternoon emailed to BicycleBusiness, BTI and Cycle Industry.

In the email Russell Merry of Hot Wheels said:

"This is a non-political email. I am not in any "camp" which is why I am sending this to all of you for your interest. I do advertise with BicycleBusiness presently and we asked this question to be sure that we are spending our money wisely."

The results?

Of those who stated a preference, 3.44 percent said Bicycle Trade and Industry was the best trade magazine; 10.34 percent said Cycle Industry; but, way out in front, 86.20 percent said BicycleBusiness.


8th October 2001:

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