Three year old Brooklyn Beckham - offspring of David and Victoria Beckham - was bought a Chrimbo bike from a Manchester IBD. Daddy Beckham eschewed the multiples and plumped for an IBD, Middleton Cycles of Greater Manchester. However the £80 JCB 12 inch bike - famous for its JCB yellow - had to be painted red to match Man U's footy strip

Beckham tot gets yellow bike painted red

The respray cost £30. Brooklyn’s bike is also graced by a £3.50 Thunderbirds bell, and has ‘Brooklyn’ written in black and silver stick-on lettering. Next to the personalisation is the number seven, daddy’s shirt number.

We know all this because it was in The Sun.

The super soaraway newspaper famous for its page 3 exposes featured a large photo of the yellow, Moore-Large-supplied JCB in a spread published just before the New Year (we’re not Sun readers so it’s only just come to our attention now)! IBD Mike Doolen is said to have sold many more JCB bikes because of the mass-market coverage.

Beckham spotted an ad for Middleton Cycles in a free newspaper, proving that whilst he may be worth millions, he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

The £80 JCB Junior has ball-bearings rather than inferior bush-bearings, Moore Large’s Gary Mather told

"In its category it’s one of the very best bikes you can buy," said Mather.


Moore Large open days…/article.php?id=1845

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