Is Buzzbike striving where other cycle share schemes are failing?

Over the last few months, we’ve seen several reports about the emergence of various different cycle share schemes in the UK, with news stories generally surrounding the initial potentially negative implications of their mass operation.

Earlier this month, we reported on Amsterdam’s strong stance on banning dockless bike share schemes, in which the local council commented: “We have invested to create more bicycle parking spaces, and we do not want these to be taken by the many commercial bike-sharing systems.” Amsterdamn wasn’t the only city to take a strong stance against dockless schemes with the news that more than 100 bike created by firm oBike had been impounded by Wandsworth Borough Council after 400 of the units were placed on London streets with no authorisation from authorities.

Members store the bike wherever they choose, rather than crowding the streets London.

BikeBiz executive editor Carlton Reid also recently commented on the advantages of so-called ‘data mining’ in dockless schemes stating: “Dockless bike-share schemes are attracting billions in cash injections – not because of mobility, but because the bikes are used by smartphone-wielding millennials.”

In the wake of the recent oBike failings, Buzzbike, which has recently celebrated its first birthday, has claimed that it is set to prevail where other cycle schemes are falling short by removing the need to store the bikes on public streets. Currently, the brand has 175 units available for use, and has amassed 40,000 miles of journeys. Currently, 3000 people are in the queue to receive a bike.

A statement from the brand said: “Members store the bike wherever they choose, rather than crowding the streets London. They get everything they need to ride –lights, a bicycle lock, insurance, servicing and discounts and rewards. A Bluetooth beacon is built into the bikes allowing Buzzbike to create targeted rewards for the rider and a deeper connection with the brand.”

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