Part two of BikeBiz's round-up featuring Contour, Mad Fiber, Reboot, Fox, Global Wipes and Orange Seal

Interbike 2012 Demo Day: Fox iCD, Contour and wipes from Global Bikes

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Orange Seal

Orange Seal launched in 2011 with a range largely based around sealants, but also with a cleaner product and lube. Already keenly looking at the UK market (it has sales staff based in the UK), Orange Seal’s tubeless tyre sealant is designed to withstand racing conditions with a formula that is lightweight and capable of sealing 1/4-inch punctures, the brand says. It also has a MTB tubeless kit in its growing offering.

Global Bikes

Under the umbrella of mega uber national Contec, a self confessed "highly technical wipe geek company", Global Bikes wipes launched at Interbike’s Demo, with part of the proceeds of sales going to Global Bikes which uses cycles to assist social change in the developing world.

The exhibitor was keen to impress on BikeBiz that it isn’t a company chancing its hand with a wipe but in fact is highly experienced in the field putting a huge amount of detail and thought into its wipes. A year and a half was spent beta testing the wipes before launch and the range includes personal body wipes (scented and unscented) which provided for a happier experience on the shuttle buses back to Las Vegas.

These wipes are biodegradable – BikeBiz was assured you could eat them if you really wanted to, but we weren’t about to put that to the test. They are re-hydratable and are better than sprays "you always use too much" the brand told us. Soy and other plants make up the 100 per cent botanical nature of the wipes. There’s a chain cleaning wipe too – not supposed to replace actual chain cleaners, but to compliment them.

Tretta 2WD, ARTE

Perhaps one of the most unusual offerings BikeBiz has ever come across, ARTE’s 2WD Tretta rides are native to Japan and were being touted for the first time outside its home country. The unusual looking bikes were designed for Northern Japan where, come winter, it’s literally too snowy to feasibly bicycle. Not so with these nifty offerings, which tackle slopes, ice and tricky terrain easily. They’ve gained traction (ho ho) in Japan and dealer reaction has been largely positive, we were told, but there was a question mark over the weight of the bike. However, the brand appears to be using the show as a reaction-gathering exercise to customise them for other markets. Watch this space. And YouTube.


Around 17 Olympians used Fox’s iCD electric suspension this year, which will be available to market from next month. The speedy system is compact, runs off a Shimano (Ultegra) battery and controls either the fork, or the fork and rear shocks. There are 12 different set ups, with multiple options about where to locate the battery. Orbea is speccing it and reaction from the dealers at the show was very positive, according to Fox.


The camera brand’s Countour +2 is the next generation of the sports video camera, loaded with features. An improved video performance now has more options (including 480p), added to old favourite features like the rotation lens and laser alignment.
A key new feature is that it is easier to use – there’s no stand by mode and it is operated with a simple slide switch. There’s a lock switch too to stop accidental filming. The bluetooth connection has been improved, reducing choppyness, and there are apps where the smartphone can activate the camera. There’s also now a tripod mount so it can be used with standard camera mounts, and the +2 is compatible with existing Countour mounts.

Mad Fiber

In case you haven’t come across the three year old Mad Fiber offering, the brand produces very lightweight wheels in just one piece – so there are no individual wheel components like spokes – the thinking being that there’s no loss of powers in transfer between parts. This year the brand has released an 11-speed compatible offering.


This Swiss-made nutrition offering comes in a clever piece of packaging that keeps the mixture separate from the included water. When you want to use it you give it a squeeze and mix it up, then drink it. Full of anti-oxidants, reboot is good for general detox and after exercise.

No Drip Chain Lube

Have trouble getting lubricant on chains? Are you wasting lubricant when you apply it? Well this offering from Cosmo might be of interest. Patented only days before Interbike, the device can apply almost any manufacturer’s lube to a chain, even wax based lubes. Replaceable pads come with the device, 20 in fact, and these are good for a number of applications. According to the firm, there is no wastage, so you’re saving the planet and money in one go.

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