In need of a friend? Hop on the saddle, says British Cycling

British Cycling has released the data from a new survey commissioned by YouGov.

The report revealed that a significant 40 per cent of British adults find it hard to make new friends. The solution to this, according to British Cycling, is to to find and organise local bike rides through HSBC UK Ride Social.

The survey also found that, of those who provided an answer, over a third believe their best chance of meeting new friends would come from taking part in a sporting activity, and almost half find it easier to exercise when they do it with others. 64 per cent of respondents to the YouGov poll who provided an answer said taking part in a sporting activity has helped them lose weight or maintain a ‘healthy’ weight, while 61 per cent said it has helped to improve their mood.

Head of HSBC UK’s partnership with British Cycling Luke Harper said: “Jumping on a bike and joining an HSBC UK Ride Social ride could be an easy way of expanding your social circle and overcoming nervousness about making new friends, while also reaping real health benefits. You don’t have to dress in supertight lycra, or ride at supersonic speed, this is about getting out and about at your own pace with other like-minded people.”

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