Velodistribution takes stock of MaXalami products

UK cycle parts distributer Velodistribution has taken stock of MaXalami tubeless tyre repair products, which are now ready to ship to UK dealers.

German brand MaXalami creates options for tubeless tyre repair. The ‘worms’ that are used to repair the tyres differ from the competitors in that they are shorter and thinner, supposedly offering better sealing and more reliable repairs on larger tears.

Each kit contains five or ten worms, that can be cut to size as needed, and a worm insertion / rasp tool. Using the tool, the worm is inserted in to the hole to seal it. Refill packs are also available.

Malcolm Borg from Velodistribution explains, “I build a lot of tubeless wheels so need to have a repair option which I can recommend. When I do have to repair any tubeless tyres MaXalami has been the best without doubt simply because there is the larger worm for the big holes that other smaller worms can’t fill.”

MaXalami joins Rock ‘N’ Roll lubes and Italian component brand Carbon-Ti in the Velodistribution portfolio with another major brand to be announced shortly.

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