And the juiciest bit of info has to be that 89 percent of ACT members (and IBDs in general perhaps?) are now able to access the internet on a regular basis...

Here’s the missing ACT page from the August issue


Insurance Replacements Resolved!!

ACT have just launched a completely free insurance claims management scheme, that means YOU can retain all insurance loss claims back into your business and potentially claims from non-participants in the scheme. Members contact ACT for details & sign up for this profitable benefit today, non-members join ACT NOW for this exclusive ACT benefit.

Nearly 90% on-line

The recently completed ACT survey identified that 53% of dealers now have Internet access in store with a further 36% accessing solely from home. ACT want to develop on-line communication within IBDs, after all information is power, so let’s talk. Simply E mail your preferred E mail address for management advice & feedback to ACT at our new address today

Non-Profit Making & Bad News!

ACT is a non-profit making organisation, re-investing all income into the development of IBD market share. Much of the ACT’s activity is centred upon operations & legislation, which often means bringing you bad news, whilst providing solutions & services to protect your business ongoing. Future developments will include more good news about how we can grow together. To find out more attend the 2002 AGM to be held at 2pm on September 25th at the Business Design Centre Islington, but as a member if you are challenged by bad news & need help contact the ACT today for advice.

Product Safety – Your Role

An EU Directive comes into force in January 2003 requiring retailers to fully co-operate in faulty product recalls. Retailers must be able to contact customers when required so database records take on a greater significance. If you are concerned about data protection it costs just £35 to register, visit for info. Don’t be fooled by fraudsters who insist you need to register & then charge an exorbitant fee for the service. ACT members contact us for leaflet 0302 to understand more about your role in the future.

CyTech can set you apart.

A CyTech qualified mechanic in store not only reflects your investment in quality, but you benefit by promoting your business as a CyTech qualified retail outlet, promoting your workshop, the service you give & the rates you charge. CyTech accreditation is available direct from ACT and the CyTech NVQ qualifications are now accessible nationally via ATG & their mobile training unit. So what are you waiting for call them direct on 01296 481818, ACT members benefit from preferential rates.

H & S over S & M.….….

Sales & Margin are critical to the continuity of every retailer, but cycle dealers must be aware of the Health & Safety risks in your business. Following a narrow escape by a customer when a cycle suspended from the ceiling by it’s saddle fell from it’s rack, the H & S Executive advises that you ensure that suspended cycles have a saddle long enough to balance the weight, tightened at an angle sufficient to keep it secure. Concerns were also raised as to insufficient attention being paid to the Manual Handling Regulations in cycle shops. Any potential hazards such as manual handling should be accounted for in the risk assessment for your business. ACT members concerned about the risks to your business contact ACT for your H & S regulations personalised audit.

The Fear of Red Tape!

Increasing Government red tape over Employment Regulations is now a major concern to small businesses. However the ACT survey identifies that less than 50% of full time employees & only 20% of part-time employees in cycle dealers have contracts of employment! With the average settlement for wrongful dismissal now over £50,000 we are concerned. We will be working on extended support in this critical area, but ACT have already negotiated an employment & health & safety protection policy – members contact Anne at ACT for details.

Employee Skills a Concern?

A recent national survey of small businesses identified the shortage of ‘Employee Skills’ as the major concern impacting upon business. The ACT already run two training programmes with expansion planned later in 2002. What better way to develop your business than invest in your own resource rather than speculatively recruiting expensive, untrained personnel. CyTech in store training has proven itself, often re-paying the limited course costs before the trainer has even left the store! To find out more about investing in your business – non members also welcome – contact the ACT today & ask about ‘Profit Improvement Days’ sponsored by Madison.

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