Handmade bike show Bespoked announces show in Germany for October

Handmade bike show Bespoked has announced its first central European show, in Dresden, Germany, after over a decade of shows in the UK.

This year’s edition of the show, which is taking place from 13th-15th October, aims to “lay the foundations for building a thriving culture of small independent bicycle manufacturers in central Europe, in the same way as it has in the UK over the last decade”.

Bespoked’s mission is to “celebrate and elevate independent bicycle makers, and build culture around the craft of small-scale bicycle manufacture.” Bespoked aims to show some of the best work in the world by presenting handmade bikes, and related brands to new audiences, while working to promote diversity and inclusivity within the community.

“The term framebuilder has come to be the ubiquitous term for anyone building bicycle frames at a small scale,” said Bespoked. “Today’s ‘framebuilders’ are nothing less than small independent bicycle manufacturers, often at the cutting edge of design and cycling culture, forecasting significant trends in the cycling industry years before they become mainstream. Small independent manufacturers are a critical part of the cycling industry ecosystem.”

Bespoked has also been a cultural hub for small independent bicycle manufacturers, and larger brands making high-end supplementary components and accessories for over a decade.

The show’s creative director Petor Georgallou said: “There are hundreds of small independent manufacturers of super high-end bikes spread across central Europe, making incredible work that deserves to be seen!

“We want to bring these makers to the fore, and work with them, as well as a handful of larger and more established brands to bring the European handmade and independent bike scene to a global audience.”

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Founded in 2011, the show is now owned and run by Georgallou of ‘Dear Susan Bicycles’ and business partner Josh Bullock. The show has grown slowly and steadily, gaining a global audience. The show is curated to show the very best of what the cycling industry has to offer, while remaining small enough for visitors to see everything at the show.

To find out more visit, https://bespoked.cc/.

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