‘Clean, quiet, light and strong’ belts to be adopted by more cycle manufacturers

Gates: ‘belt drives the future of CX’

Gates is telling the cyclocross world that ‘belt drives give you a racing advantage’ following its decision to equip its cyclocross racing squad with the Carbon Drive system.

Team Gates Carbon Drive is the first in the world to run belt drive systems exclusively.

Marketing director Paul Tolme explained to BikeBiz why the firm believes belt drive to be the future in this sector.
He said: “The advantages of the belt drive are that they are clean, quiet, light and strong. Cleanliness is an advantage because mud and slop is common at CX races. With our system in particular, this grime gets pushed right through the ‘Mud Ports’ on the sprockets. The silent transmission also means you can sneak up on the competition. The entire system is lighter than a chain drive, too.

“The strength of the belts comes from the non-stretch carbon fibre cords within each. Singlespeed cyclocross racers generate high torque that can easily snap a chain.”

The lack of required lubrication is another firm advantage of the system, meaning even in dusty conditions a belt drive shouldn’t clog up.

Gates also informed BikeBiz that the number of manufacturers utilising belt drives is to massively increase as 2011 stocks land. The number of bikes using Gates own Carbon drive system is to double year-on-year, with at least 90 confirmed models from a variety of manufacturers adopting the technology.

Gates: +49 5185 60266-50

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