Motul has announced its expansion in to cycling products

French vehicle care brand Motul expands into cycling market 

The French lubricant and vehicle care brand Motul has announced an expansion into the cycling market, with a range of eight new products. 

Focussing on four types of product – degreasing, cleaning, lubrication and puncture repair – Motul’s range aims to be environmentally friendly, and high performance, using technology taken from motorsports. 

The products are two cleaning and degreasing sprays each, two chain lubricants, a multipurpose oil for the drive, bearings, and Bowden cables, and a tubeless sealant, and will all be available from 10th March, 2023. 

The Motul range includes degreasing, cleaning, lubrication and puncture repair products

Motul is also releasing a BioClean parts cleaner designed for workshops. 

“Our new bicycle care products are the logical consequence of 170 years of work in the car and motorbike sector. Outstanding customer feedback and positive experiences with our motorbike care products have now inspired us 2 to develop products for the bicycle sector,” says Mark Grunert, head of marketing at Motul Germany. 

Grunert added: “With our chain lubricants, for example, we rely on a variation of the innovative ester technology used in our engine oils. But the extra effort in production certainly pays off later on. Lubricants with ester technology retain their excellent lubricating properties even after a long period of use and provide optimal protection, especially for the hardest-working components such as gears, chains, or sprockets. This means they surpass the performance of existing chain lubricants, such as those which use PTFE. All bicycles are ideally protected against wear with these new products, no matter whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, or even an e-bike.”

The product launch is accompanied and supported by an extensive marketing and PR campaign, collaborations with influencers and top athletes, as well as various PoS advertising media. Motul’s bicycle care range will celebrate its public premiere at Cyclingworld Europe, a bike culture event taking place in Germany from 10th-12th March. 

Armin Bolch, managing director of Motul Germany said: “In addition to a high utility value, the sustainability of the products was particularly important to Motul engineers during development. “When it comes to user-friendliness and performance, we make no compromises with our bicycle products either. But we have gone one step further. As one of the world’s largest producers of lubricant and vehicle care products, we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously. Recyclable packaging, the absence of propellants in spray products, and the biodegradability of the fluids and greases used were the main focus for our bicycle products from the very beginning.”

Headquartered in Aubervilliers, France, Motul was founded in 1853 as a manufacturer of lubricants. Today the brand is synonymous with motorsports as a regular supplier in MotoGP, rally, and endurance motorsports.

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