Fox Racing announces new in-shop concepts for Europe

Fox Racing has announced that it will introduce a new in-shop concept in Europe. The aim of the project is to bring the Fox brand image to a whole new level of visual clarity, impact and product segmentation.

Combining digital supports and impactful visuals with a clear focus on the products’ technical benefits will help present the strong DNA of the brand and immerse the end customers in an exciting new Fox environment across Europe.

“To equip our selected partners with an updated display structure and a fresh set of tools is essential in our commitment to helping them grow, while allowing us to implement new technical visual displays in an engaging brand setting,” Johann Bondu, Fox Marketing Director.

 While Fox is busy completing 30 shop experiences across Europe in 2017, customers can view the new experience in the locations below.

• Leisure Lakes – UK, Daventry.
• Cycle Surgery – UK, London.
• Gear 4 – UK, Market Deeping.
• Off Road World – UK, Birmingham.
• Cross & Enduro Companiet – Sweden, Kållered. Coming soon – Spring ’17.
• Star Motor – Norway, Sandvika. Coming soon – Spring ’17.
• Greenland MX – Spain, Burgos. Coming soon – Spring ’17.
• S-Bike – Spain, Vigo. Coming soon – Spring ’17.
• Motocard – Spain, Barcelona). Coming soon – Spring ’17.
• Raveymo – Spain, Asturias. Coming soon – Spring ’17.
• Hannamax Motosport – Netherlands, Hedel. Coming soon – Spring ’17.
• Hauthaler – Austria, Salzburg. Coming soon – Spring ’17.

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