Got a classy bicycle emporium? You need these wheel rim and bike chain chandeliers

For the bike shop with everything: bicycle chain chandeliers

You’ve seen chairs made from old bike parts, you’ve seen picture frames and key fobs, now here’s the ultimate in bike shop bling: Victorian-style chandeliers made from discarded wheel rims, cassettes and chains.

Mexican-Brazilian artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga is based in the US and makes the ‘bespoke’ chandeliers upon commissioning by galleries and, of course, bike shops with a penchant for steampunk art.

On her website she says:

"The traditional chandelier is seen as a bourgeois commodity, a cachet of affluence, excess, and as such power. The recycled bicycle parts become a representation of the dismissed, invisible, and powerless, but also an affirmation of self-propelled movement.

A freestanding lamp commissioned from Alzaga costs about $850; the larger works cost from $2000 to $4500, excluding shipping and lightbulbs.

Five percent of all proceeds go to the Derailer Bike Collective, a community bike shop in Denver, Colorado.

Alzaga has a catalogue and is also on Twitter.

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