Dahon's Shenzhen factory has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. "Even business schools from as far away as Singapore are coming to study the operations of our factory," said Dr. David Hon, founder and president of Dahon California, Inc.

Folder factory gains quality certification

The Shenzhen factory has been in operation since November 2001 and has been designed from the ground up to operate at the highest level of efficiency, said Hon.

Dahon has been working with TÜV consultants and engineers to streamline operations in preparation for ISO certification.

"Opening the new factory was a lot of hard work but it allowed us to implement the most modern manufacturing and management processes," said Hon.

"The end result is a factory that operates at a very high level of quality and efficiency – better than we’ve ever had before. Even business schools from as far away as Singapore are coming to study the operations of our factory."

Everything from tube cutting and forming, to stamping, welding, and final assembly, occurs within the factory’s 14 000sq m of floor space. Dahon employs 300 people in Shenzen and the factory can produce 15 000 bikes a month.

Frames produced in China are also supplied to Dahon’s production bases in Taiwan and Macao, as well as to OEM factories.

Dahon’s Shenzhen R&D department is staffed by forty engineers, and the company files at least 10 patents a year.

ISO streamlining of the production process has helped Dahon shorten production times for components and bicycles. Lead times for production of completely assembled bicycles now average 45 days or less.

"ISO certification of our factory is recognition of the work the team here has invested in making this factory a success but is by no means the end goal," said Dr. Hon

"Our goal is to make this one of the most efficient, well managed, and profitable bicycle factories in the world."


PIC BELOW: Dr. David Hon.

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