In summer 2002, the Association of Cycle Traders carried out an HSBC-sponsored member survey. A selection of the results are included here, and on the stats section, but for 2003 the ACT wants to send out a survey to all UK IBDs.

ACT seeks industry sponsor for 2003 census of all IBDs

Here are some of the results of the 2002 survey of ACT members.

* There is a 60:40 split in partnership/shared ownership businesses versus sole proprietors.

• ACT members have, on average, 1.26 store locations, with 15% of each store given over to workshop/repairs

* 46% of ACT member stores are in city/town centre locations. 40% are in suburban locations and 14% are in rural locations.

* ACT members cater to: 30.8% enthusiast customers; 34.5% junior/family customers and 34.7% commuting/utility customers. The enthusiast customers are made up of road (35%), MTB (42%) and BMX (23%).

* 30.5% of ACT members provide a cycle hire service.

* ACT members employ an average of 4 staff per outlet of which 15% are female.

* 40% of ACT members are sole traders; 37% are in partnerships; 23% are limited companies.

* ACT members buy from an average of 5.5 suppliers (bikes) and 12.1 suppliers (P&A).

* 16.4% of ACT members says they buy to a "fixed stocking plan." 83.6% say they buy stock "as and when needed."

* The average ACT members has a turnover of £338 500, made up of 43% cycle sales, 36% accessory sales, 17% workshop income and 4% hire income.

* Only 25% of ACT members have an EPoS system.

* 72.5% of ACT members said they had a shop website, but only 22% of ACT members sell from websites.

* 55.5% of ACT members said they had in-store internet access. 81.5 percent of members said they had internet access at home.

* 70% percent of ACT members do not send direct mail to their customers.

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