As revealed on this site at the time of the award, Jim McGurn's Company of Cyclists was successful in its application for a whopping great grant of £50 000 from the Department of Transport’s Cycling Projects Fund. Clearly, other commerical concerns could have also bagged themselves some cash (Mud Dock, did!). So, how did McGurn pull it off?

Here’s how the Co. of Cyclists is spending its £50k grant

First, he applied. That always helps.

Second, he had a good idea and the nous to formulate a winning business plan.

At the time of the DoT award, there were no specific details of just how the Company of Cyclists would be spending the money. Jim McGurn has now released some details and said he has been quiet to date because "it took that long to negotiate the terms of the grant."

The Company of Cyclists is using the £50 000 grant to support its new BikeWorks project, which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of cycle commuting within the UK business community.

"The scheme will build on the pioneering work the company has already undertaken in conjunction with leading organisations such as the Inland Revenue and various hospitals trusts across the country to promote cycle commuting," said McGurn.

BikeWorks combines "strategic advice" and "practical support" to encourage cycle commuting within the UK business community. The programme takes the form of a twelve-month programme through which businesses commit to both the concept of cycle commuting and to increasing levels of cycling from staff at all levels.

The package includes one-to-one tuition where required, ‘get-into-cycling’ weekends for employees, the supply of photography for use in corporate literature, the creation of bike pools for staff use as well as ongoing consultancy advice covering ways in which cycling can improve business efficiency both on and off-site. Firms that can show they are making commitments to cycling by working towards set targets become ‘Approved BikeWorks Employers’ in recognition of their efforts.

“So many employers and employees face severe car parking issues, and yet still we find ourselves battling to overcome a reluctance to leave the car at home in favour of cycling to work. This is in spite of the significant health and fitness benefits of cycling; not to mention benefits to the environment,” said McGurn.

“Our role is to highlight the range of options available to employers who take their corporate social responsibilities seriously and wish to broaden the range of travel options available to employees. BikeWorks provides a structured framework with ongoing support and guidance, allowing them to do just that.”

McGurn told that IBDs can be partners in the pro-bike outreach to UK businesses.

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