"Dr. Martin White from Sold Secure said that when he received the locks he thought they were too light to pass the Silver rating," said Basta's Willem Vlok. But pass they did. The Dutch-style locks can now be fitted to bikes, including many from Trek and Giant, which have SL7 and 583 lock bolt-holes in the rear-stays.

Axa frame-fitting locks get silver Sold Secure rating

Sold Secure tested the Axa SL7 and Axa 583 (Safety Lock) frame-fitting locks.

The locks passed the Silver rating, meaning they can withstand a three-minute attack using a variety of half-inching equipment.

The Sold Secure rating system is based on gold, silver and bronze ratings. Here’s how the system is described over at soldsecure.com:

"Many cyclists don’t want a heavy and cumbersome security device; others may want top security and are prepared to suffer some inconvenience. Sold Secure has developed a three tier security grading system. At the highest level are the Gold rated locking devices. These give you maximum security but may be too bulky for the average user. The Bronze level typically offers a lighter lock but which still offers defence against the opportunist thief. The Silver level is between the two."

Many Giant and Trek bikes now have rear-stay bolt-holes suitable for fitting SL7s and Safety Locks. Some Giant bikes come factory-equipped with Axa SL7s.

Axa locks are distributed in the UK by Fisher Outdoor, Amba Marketing, Walkers Cycles and Pashley Cycles.


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