And pray today's Ryanair's Stansted to Friedrichshafen flight doesn't crash: it's packed with a motley collection of UK bike trade folk...(UPDATE: it didn´t crash - we all arrived safely, there will therefore be a number of Eurobike reports over the next two days)

Eurobike kicks off trade-show season

Eurobike starts Thursday and this morning’s direct flight to Friedrichshafen nis packed with suppliers, journos and IBDs.

Everywhere you turn there’s a bike trade bod. Nexy year, how about we charter our own flight!?

Let’s spend the levy cash on something REALLY useful….

If the flight does plummet into the ground – or perhaps even Lake Constance – Justin Stevenson of Dawes reckons there’ll be a positive side: "It would wipe the slate clean, allowing a new generation of people to run the industry!"


Top: The Stanforth bros and Paul Hinton from Saracen join the Ryanair queue

Below, top: Fisher’s Matt Ward and ex-Fisher’s marketing bod Neil Keen, now with Greyville, in deep discussion

Below, middle: Madison’s Richard Peploe

Base: Russell Merry of Hot Wheels

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