As revealed by in July, Airborne bikes are to be offered to IBDs. Here's the official low-down...

Airborne goes public with trade plans

"We are looking to establish long term relationships with the best of the UK IBDs, as our business has grown, we have worked with committed dealers and wish to expand opportunities for independent businesses," said Jan-Willem Sintnicolaas, president and founder of Airborne Europe

"When we started this business in 1997, we were determined to bring to market titanium frames and complete bicycles that offered consumers a strong value proposition for their money; where consumers felt that the product they were purchasing was worth as much or more to them than the price they were paying. Though many things have changed within the last six years, Airborne’s focus still begins with this premise as we continue to innovate and improve our products in function, performance, and appearance.

"The modular method of choosing your ideal bike has also played a big part in Airborne’s success, we can of course offer dealers popular frame and componentry combination packages to suit local markets.

"Year on year we are ensuring that Airborne stays increasingly competitive to consumers who have a growing list of choices; whether it is another bicycle manufacturer or mail-order supplier.

"At Airborne we also work hard to ensure that we are one of the most profitable brands for (IBD) business. Through our growing purchase power and the beneficial USD/Euro exchange rate we are able improved dealer margins for complete bikes.

"In addition to good margins we also offer dealers, short leadtimes and benchmark aftercare policies. All Ti frames (including our Paka-Wallup softail) carry both lifetime replacement and 50% crash replacement warranties. Our new line of well received Aluminium models also offer the benefit of modular specification to riders at lower prices."

Airborne has launched three new bikes:

2004 X-1:

New multi-sport platform that offers TTG (True Tri Geometry) utilizing 650c wheels on sizes 51,5~, and 55cm frames and 700c wheels on 55,57, and 59cm frames. The X-1 features enhanced aerodynamic tubing profiles In addition to an oversized seat tube with rear wheel cut out.

2. 2004 Sortie: This new model brings Airborne’s titanium expertise and innovation to the Velodrome. Track riders continue to be neglected by many larger’.prands. Airborne will offer a track frame in a modified compact geometry for track riders. The use of smaller triangles will produce a stiffer frame that results in better application of titanium to the specific demand of track events. This mode! is NOT intended as a sprint bike but a bike for multi-purpose duty most commonly found during track season.

3. 2004 Blackbird: Due to consumer and dealer demand Airborne will reintroduce a steel frame. This time, however, it will be a road frame utilizing Reynolds latest 853 Pro-Team tubing, Construction will be TIG welded and will offer a very unique paint scheme.

New contact details:

European Bicycle Imports B.V. / Airborne Cycles

Energieweg 23

3281 NH Numansdorp

The Netherlands

[Phone] +31 (0)186-657718

[Fax] +31 (0)186-657719


Roger Cook

Airborne UK Sales

Tel: 01905 455316



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