Electronic Data Interchange - or EDI - is the B2B solution for linking suppliers to retailers. EDI linking leads to greater information sharing between the B2B partners, and reduces overheads for both because of just-in-time deliveries and other advantages. Bell Sports has signed up with bTrade, the B2B provider that is used by every university and college in America and every authorized Honda dealer in the US. Oh, and Wal*Mart...

Bell Sports gets closer to its corporate retailers with new EDI sign-up

Bell Sports, the helmet and bicycle accessories company, is to license the bTrade Item Sync application.

Jack Rubarth, CIO of Bell Sports said:

"bTrade is our choice for EDI over the Internet and now for UCCnet Item Synchronization. Of all the possible solutions that we had considered, the bTrade Item Sync was the most flexible and powerful to address all of our UCCnet Item Synchronization needs today and in the future."

UCC what?

UCCnet is a not-for-profit service to allow manufacturers and suppliers share product details such as ordering codes, container size, packaging constraints, weight and so on with their retailers and partners.


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