Cycling Made Easy breaks down costs of e-bike vs car for customers

Electric bike retailer relishes thought of petrol price hike

With an ongoing debate in Parliament over a planned hike in petrol prices, one electric bike specialist is taking full advantage of the many customers disilusioned with cars by breaking down the cost of each transport method.

Cycling Made Easy of Coulsdon has pre-prepared his sales pitch for customers looking for a cheaper transport alternative.

“Our electric bikes cost from £695 upwards.” Says Ray Wookey – director of Cycling Made Easy. “If we look at a high quality bike costing £1,250 the monthly cost on deferred terms, over a 24 month period, would work out at around £62 per month. A full overnight charge costs 6p, which will take a person up to 40 miles. Other than this there are no extra charges aside from routine bike maintenance – which is minimal”.

Wookey believes the demographic for the electric bike is beginning to broaden too – even highlighting those who have lost their driving licenses as potential customers.

“Taking the plunge is a big step for people and e-bikes are not just for keen cyclists – far from it. They have appeal and can be used by a broad section of people – from those who have lost their licenses to younger people struggling to pay exorbitant insurance premiums, to those with minor disability and then of course the commuter wanting to reduce cost and gain freedom. Around 1 million e-bikes were sold last year on the continent and 30 million worldwide.” 

The planned price rise in fuel would add around £1.50 to the average tank fill up, though opposition to the price hike is fast growing.

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