Service designed to make online retail less 'daunting'

Efree Online offers low-cost internet retail set up

Efree Online is offering to ‘take the sting out of online retailing’ with an easy set up, low cost online retail service.

Designing, building and managing webstores for less than a £30 set-up cost, the firm was set up by MD Brent Eaton to set up personalised webstores quickly and easily. Retailers have to register, choose a unique web address and create a store using templates, options and icons.

The offering is not cycle-specific, but is designed to use across a number of industries. Costs after set up include a commission on successful sales. The service also ensures that shoppers looking for products via a search engine will be directed to the stores it creates.

Eaton explains the thinking behind the business: “My father wanted to expand his craft business by selling online but had no experience. When I looked into it, I realised that the number of steps and the potential personal risk involved in setting up a business online could be complicated and daunting, but the benefits of being able to sell that way are huge. is all about simplifying and speeding up the process so that retailers can get on with what they want to do – sell.

“For those new to online retailing we provide everything needed to launch and maintain a web-store, including enabling retailers to take payments online. For experienced store-owners who want to reduce running costs, attract more custom and be confident about security, it’s easy to transfer an existing store to us. We have also focussed on ways to help retailers grow their business by adding a range of options including gift wrapping and highlighting additional products that may interest the shopper, encouraging further sales.”

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