Monday's episode pits Biomega vs Whyte and Mezzo vs Puma

Gadget Show road tests bikes in ‘London Monopoly challenge’

Monday’s Gadget Show has put a number of bikes to the test through a ‘game of Monopoly’ – including folding Bikes from Mezzo and Puma and urban builds from Whyte and Biomega.

The segment of the show focusing on the bikes and their performance through a series of challenges can be viewed here.

Though there’s no ‘winner’ from the bikes on test, the Puma Pico failed to make it very far without picking up a puncture, whereas the presenter riding the Mezzo D10 praised its ‘bolt upright riding position’ stating it made riding the folding bike a breeze.

Whyte’s new top-of-the-line Montpellier urban bike was pitted against BioMega’s LDN in the first stage of the race. The BioMega is said to be ‘designed for cities like London’, though feels the designer has not met the brief.

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