Xdream bikes available in Virgin Active, David Lloyd and Everyone Active clubs nationwide

Xdream 3 ‘exergaming bike’ launches

Trixter has released the latest in its ‘exergaming bike’ line – the Xdream 3.

Pitched at providing an exciting experience to cyclists and gamers alike, the Xdream 3 aims to provide a realistic simulation of riding outdoors. The indoor bike includes an LCD screen mounted in front of the handlebars, displaying the selected cycle trail. Riders use laterally-moving handlebars to negotiate corners and avoid potential hazards along the route.

The new bike is an update of the original Xdream, launched in 2007. The new version comes with a Ghost Racing mode where the user can compete against themselves. The steering of the new model is more responsive too, affected by the user body position when turning corners – the steering responds more quickly when the correct foot is in the down position and/or the rider is not sat on the saddle, for example.

The Xdream 3 provides a full body workput, toning arms, stregethening the core and burning more calories than a standard exercise bike, according to Trixter. It is priced at £5,995.

The Xdream has successfully penetrated the fitness club market. It is available to ride in Virgin Active, David Lloyd and Everyone Active clubs nationwide and also appeared at BikeRadar Live 2009, where Steve Peat and Graeme Obree were among the participants in the World Indoor MTB Championships.

Head to www.trixter.net for more information.

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