EBCO lowers prices for 2024 and simplifies buying experience

EBCO, the British e-bike manufacturer, has announced its 2024 pricing strategy with a structure aimed at simplifying the e-bike buying experience.

For 2024, EBCO has condensed its pricing points into three clear categories, making it easier for customers to choose their ideal specification.

The entry-level e-bikes, including the Urban 2 and Street 2 models, are now priced at £1,399.

This value ensures that those new to urban mobility can start their journey without a huge investment.

For riders seeking enhanced features, the mid-range e-bikes, which encompass the Urban 3, Street 3, and Adventure 3, are now available at £1,999.

And for those looking for a more premium experience, the Urban 5, Street 5, and Adventure 5 models are now priced at £2,399.

EBCO Street range

Chris Needs, head of EBCO, said: “The 2024 prices are our commitment to the eBiking community.

“We are making a bold statement: premium quality and affordability can coexist, and no one should be left behind when it comes to Urban Mobility.”

By leveraging both its industry expertise and a strategic alliance with TVS Motor, EBCO says it has “bridged the gap” between premium products and accessibility.

With its 2024 pricing model, the brand reiterates its dedication to delivering quality e-bikes that don’t strain your budget.

EBCO’s partnership with TVS Motor has not only pooled expertise but also amplified purchasing power.

This collaboration has empowered EBCO to streamline production processes, reduce costs, and pass on the resulting savings to its customer base.

EBCO Urban range

At the core of EBCO’s brand ethos of “making e-biking available to all” lies the desire to promote accessibility.

The brand says it understands that e-mobility represents not just an eco-friendly mode of transportation but also a way of life for some individuals.

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Paolo Pezzangora, head of marketing at EBCO, added: “Thanks to our new prices, but also with our new click and collect website, our e-bikes are now more accessible than ever.

“We believe in making urban mobility a choice that aligns with both your passion and your budget.”

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