E-bike brand Mycle launches full range of Cargo accessories

British e-bike brand Mycle bikes has launched a full range of accessories to help riders get the most out of their Mycle Cargo.

Designed for Mycle’s cargo bike, but also compatible with other Mycle bikes, the range enables riders to configure their bikes to be people carriers, cargo movers or a combination of the two.

Front and rear cargo baskets are available to help carry bulky items, while matching bags can be fitted.

The Deck Pad adds comfort for passengers, and the Passenger Handle gives something to hold on to. If riders are travelling with children that are too big for a bike seat, the Caboose helps to keep them secure and stable, said Mycle.

The prices for the accessories are: Small Rear Basket – £79, Medium Rear Basket – £99, Large Rear Basket – £119, Front Basket – £69, Caboose – £129, Single Deck Pad – £25, Passenger Handle – £49, Small Bag – £59, Medium Bag – £69, and Large Bag – £79.

The Cargo, launched at the recent London eBike Festival, is the first-ever Cargo e-bike from Mycle and is designed to enable riders to “say goodbye to your car for good”.

A 250w hub motor powers five levels of pedalling assist and is matched with 7-speed Shimano gears. The Cargo features a 15Ah battery, the largest ever featured on a Mycle, and riders will also have the option to install a second battery, doubling the range to 120km.

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Mycle bikes also recently launched its third generation of models – the Cadence, Comfort and Charge.

The Cadence and Comfort mark Mycle’s first foray into the world of hybrid e-bikes, featuring sleek designs and frame-integrated batteries. The Charge is the third folding e-bike from Mycle, featuring 4” tyres for off-road and a 65km range.

The full range of Cargo accessories can be viewed at https://www.mycle.co.uk/collections/cargo-accessories.

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